They met
a few years ago
in Beijing

She’s from Poland, he’s from Romania. Thousand of kilometres stood between their love, friendship and shared passions.

One of which was travelling which soon became a way of living. During many of their travels, they realized that they really missed fresh Romanian pretzels.

They later came up with an idea to move back to Poland, and share their love for these delicious pastries...

Luna zespół

New place

We present you with a new bakery - Luna Covrigaria.

Luna means moon in a number of languages and our traditional Romanian pretzels are created in this shape.


They’re called covrigi across Transylvania and the Black Sea region, they’re a freshly baked pastry, made out of the highest quality ingredients; perfect for any time of the day.

Besides the carefully chosen ingredients we bring you pretzels that are made out of a passion for travelling and a love for good food!

That is why you’ll be able to find not only the traditional covrigi here, but also the ones that we created as a result of the variety of flavours we tasted during our travels.


Paula and Andrei